Q: Can I use this oil with other products such as other growth oils?

A: We recommend only using this oil alone to avoid any adverse affects. 

Q: Can I use Hair Affair as a hot oil treatment?
A: Yes. Hair Affair Stimulating Growth Oil can definitely be used as a hot oil treatment. and we recommend it. Please be careful when heating the oil and check the temperature before application to avoid burning.

Q: Is this oil safe to use on my infant?
A: We recommend using on toddlers at least 2 years of age and older. We do have several customers who use our products on infants, we ALWAYS recommend doing the patch test to avoid any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. 

Q: Does this oil really work?
A: Hi yes the products does work if used as directed, We have assisted over 1400 customers in their healthy hair growth. however results may vary.

Q: How do I use this oil?
A: We recommend massaging the oil into your scalp for about 1-3 minutes. This stimulates the follicles to promote growth. Use at LEAST TWICE daily EVERYDAY for maximum hair growth and best results.

Q: I have allergies to certain oils, what is in your product?
A: Our stimulating growth oil is made with all natural ingredients that promotes growth. Such as almond seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil etc.! We ALWAYS recommend doing the patch tests just to be sure that you don't have any allergies to any of the ingredients.