Q; Can I use this oil with other products such as other growth oils?
A: We recommend only using this oil alone.

Q: Can I use Hair Affair as a hot oil treatment?
A: Yes Hair Affair Stimulating Growth oil can definitely be used as a hot oil treatment.

Q: Is this oil safe to use on my infant?
A: While we have a

Q: Is this oil safe for me to use if I have alopecia?
A: Yes you can use the oil if you have alopecia.

Q: How do I use this oil?

A: We recommend massaging the oil into your scalp for about 1-3 minutes. This stimulates the follicles to promote growth. Use at LEAST TWICE daily EVERYDAY for maximum hair growth and best results.

Q: Does this oil really work?

A: If used as directed you should see results. We have had over 1500 satisfied customers, however results may vary.