Meet The Founder


Hello. My name is Yashika Walker-Annang, the heart and soul behind Hair Affair Growth Oil. My journey into the creation of an all-natural, transformative hair solution began in a moment of personal vulnerability—battling postpartum hair loss, a challenge I never expected to face after welcoming my second child. The quest for my confidence led me to the kitchen, where traditional hair pills failed me, and research on natural oils sparked a beacon of hope.
Crafted from desperation and nurtured by hope, I meticulously blended oils known for their miraculous hair growth properties. To my amazement, and soon after, to the amazement of my close family, the results were nothing short of dramatic. This breakthrough wasn't just a solution; it was the birth of Hair Affair Growth Oil—the legacy I was determined to share with the world.
At the core of Hair Affair, we believe in the unique, untouched beauty that resides in every individual. We recognize the shadows insecurities can cast over our luminance, often holding us back from embracing our full potential. With Hair Affair Growth Oil, our mission transcends beyond nurturing hair; it's about reigniting the confidence that comes from within, empowering you to step into your light.
Hair loss, stunted growth, or simply the desire for healthier locks, whatever your journey may be, Hair Affair Growth Oil is here to be your companion and your champion. Let's embark on this path of revival together, restoring not just the vitality of your hair, but the unshakeable belief in your own beauty and strength. Join us, and let's grow not just hair, but confidence, one drop at a time.